Avenue F - Demo (Independent) - Back
Avenue F brings forth a three-song demo that should get some praise in the hard rock and metal world. There probably isn’t any group that has the sound of this band, but you can hear things somewhat similar to Helmet, Stained and Tool, and even a 90’s alternative sound. The combination they use makes their sound appealing and kind of unique. Avenue F can create catchy hard rock with an edge, or a mellow alternative rock sound to chill to. I can see good things ahead for these guys. These guys can rock, and musically they can do a lot of things right. Even though this is a demo, there really isn’t a bad track. “Suffer Unto Me” is my favorite and I like the laid-back song ‘Thin Ice” the least, but its still decent. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear these guys on the radio all over the U.S. eventually. As they continue to write, their music will improve on what they can already do.

Rating: 79