Averse Sefira - Battle's Clarion (Lost Disciple) - Back
The members of Averse Sefira joined together back in 1996 to develop a style of metal, extreme and unique to all. After a year of getting material together they finally released a demo entitled "Blasphomet Sin Abset." In 1999, the relocated to Rochester, NY and released their debut album "Homecoming March." Since then all pathways led to their latest black metal effort, "Battle's Clarion." If you like raw black metal, Averse Sefira is for you. This CD "Battle's Clarion" lead you on a journey of nine unholy and venomous tracks. My favorites among the cries from hell include "Battle's Clarion," "Condemned To Glory," and "Deathymn." I really didn't find anything that put Averse Sefira above other raw black metal bands, but they do belong in those battalions.

Rating: 71