Axemaster/The Awakening - 1985-1995 (Unisound Records) - Back
This is an interesting CD. It's the 80's reproduced. The original master tapes were restored by Chuck Wilkey of Harvest Studios. The old metal heads would like this CD a lot. The solos are almost like a Kirk Hammet style. The production for this CD could have been a little better. Even though the CD was re-mastered it is still really not that clear. The bass style of the CD is a little like Iron Maiden. It also has that catchy 80's riffing style, much like Flotsam & Jetsam/Metallica. Tracks one through six, production wise, was really not good. The other tracks are decent. There are 14 tracks on this CD and it is nearly 70 minutes. If they had a chance to record today in a good production studio this CD would be a good deal better. But if you are into the old production sound, this is for you.

Rating: 69