Babylon Whores - Errata Stigmata (Necropolis Records) - Back
The Babylon Whores are the essence of death rock. There isn't another band out there that is as good as they are, at what they do. This single "Errata Stigmata" is one of their best songs on their latest album "King Fear," and with this single you also get a remix of the song. This remix is an industrial remix, and it will definitely get you moving to the music. The song "Fey" from the album is on this CD as well and is another excellent song. For you people that have a computer, you can watch a video of "Sol Niger" another song that is on their album "King Fear." If you don't have the bands latest CD, and you want to hear what they sound like, this CD is a good way to determine if you want to buy the full length, because if you like this single, you will like their album even more.

Rating: 90