Babylon Whores - King Fear (Necropolis Records) - Back
First off, I want to say, "Wow!" I was really blown away when I listened to this CD. It's not something that I expected from Necropolis Records, but as they said, "It's Dark Apocalyptic Rock at it's best!" This Death Rock band has really put together an amazing CD. There is just something about it that takes it to another level. The Babylon Whores have been together since 1994 and they keep getting better as time goes on. "King Fear" is my favorite album by the band. While listening to the CD, I had a hard time selecting songs that were better then the others, I started selecting then all. But the ones that really stand out for me are "Radio Werewolf", "Hand of Glory", and "Fey," The Babylon Whores are definitely a band people should checkout, they my surprise you as they did me. Their website is Its really hard to describe their sound, it's partly like Type O Negative, partly an eighty's rock feeling, and partly a gothic feeling, with a touch of the Misfits. There are ten songs on this CD and it spans over forty-three minutes. The Babylon Whores are one of my top priorities to see live, hopefully they will leave their native Finland, to go to the United States, for a tour. Only time will tell. I want to see this amazing musicianship for myself.

Rating: 93