Balzac - Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark (Misfits Records/Rykodisc) - Back
Balzac Formed in Osaka, Japan back in 1992. Their new release “Out of the Grave and Into the Dark” is a double CD and DVD combo. They put their two albums “Came Out of the Grave” and “Dark-ism” on one CD, with a bonus track, which filled it up with 22 tracks and 80 minutes of Horror-Punk. The DVD comes in the same case and is a limited edition disc made up of 3 music videos, 5 live performances, five bonus audio tracks, and a short horror film, which was filmed by Balzac. With a time of 60 minutes, the DVD makes the total time of this two disc set well over two hours. That’s a lot of Horror-Punk entertainment in one case! I liked the natural, raw punk sound they have. It makes their music have vitality and body. The Misfits influence them, that’s definitely apparent. This disc is the band’s second North American release and it’s on Misfits Records/Rykodisc. Misfits founding member, Jerry Only, Said that this is a “Rip-your-face-off record. Melodic, yet monsterously abrasive.” Well, you can’t put it any better than that. Jerry Only also executively produced it, along with John Cafiero. Some of Balzac’s riffs really rockout! Catchy parts are all over this disc. Most songs you can get right into. With boastful melodies, and energetic rhythms it’s hard not to. A few of the tracks seemed a little unorganized, at least for my tastes. Obviously this disc would be more for the punk fans of the world, compared to metal fans, but there are a number of excellent metallic aspects that might grab metalhead’s attention.

Rating: 81