Barcode - Showdown (Nuclear Blast) - Back
An old-school hardcore band from Denmark, might sound a little strange, but Barcode does a pretty good job on their new disc “Showdown.” It’s free-style hardcore with more of a traditional sound. A few tracks have a metallic edge but its pretty much straight-forward hardcore like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, and Madball. It’s a surprise to hear something like this; old-school hardcore done the rightway. This is a solid and consistent album. It’s aggressive and abrasive, and there seems to be at least one powerful and catchy riff in every song. Guitarist Dr. J produced this CD. He also does vocals for the band Hatesphere. Tue Masden mixed and mastered this disc, he has previously worked with Mnemic and The Haunted. These sixteen tracks and thirty-five minutes end with an Accept cover of “I’m A Rebel.” I know a lot of people will probably think this is cheesy, but it’s really not that bad. While most of the songs are examples of good hardcore, nothing really reaches above that plateau, so for me nothing really jumped out. The first half of the album seems a little livelier than the second half. Its like the songs flowed out of their instruments when they wrote the beginning and they ran out of fresh material for the end. But hardcore fans should be more than interested with “Showdown.”

Rating: 73