Beautician – Waxed Up For Public View (Independent) - Back
After listening to Beautician “Waxed Up For Public View” I really didn’t know what to think about it. Now, I have come up with an idea that these guys want to punish the listeners’ ears, but not necessarily in a bad way. This music is toxically heavy. Super down tuned guitars are combined with a muffed, distorted, death vocal (don’t expect to make any of the words out), and the relentless beating of a drum machine. Normally I can’t stand drum machine, or any synthetic drums, but I can’t picture this CD without them, it just works. They are a brutal death grind band, similar to Mortician. Actually they are heavier at times than any band I can think of, even Mortician. The band has such a deep ungodly sound; the heaviness is almost unsurpassed. You could say that this is brutifully heavy. One thing that “Waxed Up For Public View” had too much of is repetition. Just about all the songs had the same type of feel which kind of makes them indistinct. I know it’s hard to get elaborate with this type of music, but it’s a restraint the band has to deal with. Ten songs for nine minutes isn’t much, but once again you have to expect this kind of a short disc from this type of band. In this short time period from the beginning to the end of this CD stomps a few decent tracks that should make the your brutal human nature come out. These include “Shampoo and Set (in Concrete),” “Final Mudbath,” ”Herr Die” and “Beautician.” Aren’t those some of this titles great names for songs?!? At the end of this disc there was a hidden track, which was the longest track by far. I had to at least mention it, because it did push this CD almost up to fifteen minutes long. If Beautician takes the stronger riffs from this album and create more distinct songs, you could see these guys mentioned in the same breath as Mortician or Brutal Truth. Since this is a demo and this is a young band, expect more and better things from this band!

Rating: 61