Behemoth - The Apostasy (Century Media Records) - Back
Behemoth has proven over the years that they are not only one of Poland’s finest metal bands, but Europe’s and the world’s as well. They continue their dominance in the metal realms with their new record. “The Apostasy” is the band’s first release since their groundbreaking 2004/2005 release “Demigod” and they continue their version of extreme metal like a flying fist to break one’s nose…BRUTAL!

In my opinion these metallers have matured into a new version of Morbid Angel, but also include blackened elements like Dimmu Borgir in their composition. One might also hear a Nile vibe within their mighty sound as well. Regardless, these elements make this creation into a blackened death band of monstrous proportions.

“The Apostasy” has no weakness within its ranks, as all tracks are prime examples of how this darkened genre should be played. Behemoth mixes the brutal ingredients well as a base and incorporates melodic instances in for flavor without lessoning the power of the brutal onslaught. This may sound tricky to do, but take a lesson from these guys. It can be done!

A small number of traits that might not seem like the norm for Behemoth were used in a few tracks including trumpet, trombone, French horn, a vocal choir, and a piano. The piano can be contributed to a leading Polish jazz pianist Leszek Mozdzer. His talents are showcases on the track “Inner Sanctum.” Also making a guest appearance on that track is Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane. What a treat!

The legendary Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Mushuggah, Strapping Young Lad) mixed “The Apostasy, at Dugout Studios, and their long time producer Malta is once again at the board.

Overall I’d say the “The Apostasy” is the caliper that one would expect from Behemoth, but not quite the level of the acclaimed “Demigod.” However fans of blackened death and of Behemoth will be more than pleased. Hold your horns high for this one.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins