Belef - Infection Purification (Candlelight) - Back
After a 6-year hiatus, French quartet Belef return with their 2nd full-length offering. Infection Purification is an 8 hymn, 56-plus minute brutal black metal onslaught. In fact, the shortest excerpt is about 5 and a half minutes. So be prepared for war! What I mean about war is fairly self-explanatory from start to finish. "Brutal Destruction" starts off with some of the fastest blastbeats ever recorded and that's not to mention, the Vader-esque guitar riffing! "Torment Dominator" is probably the most "laidback" track as the main choruses are very much like heavy Morbid Angel riffs, but most every other note is displayed at break-neck speed. "Barbarian Steel" has a much more Slayer-ish feel, but with the speed of someone like Belphegor. This shit is intense! The drum-blasting, guitar-hammering, bass-pounding, vocal-scorching effect of this disc leaves quite the aftermath when said and done. Belef will most certainly appeal to fans of bands like Morbid Angel, Belphegor, Mayhem, Marduk, and Deicide. Serve Belef and ye shall be rewarded!!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell