Ben Jackson Group - All Over You (Screaming Ferret/Escapi Music) - Back
Ben Jackson originally became known from his days in Crimson Glory. If you haven’t heard Ben Jackson Group, I guess you could relate it to a mix of Dream Theater, Motley Crue, BLS, old Metallica; progressive heavy metal with some eighties influences. The band is pretty tight and they can get a pretty good beat going. Progressive for the most part, but a really heavy sound too. I like the heaviness incorporated into this disc, I wish there were a few more bass heavy riffs. I enjoy the heavy songs the most, but the more progressive songs are still good. There are some sweet solos and it shows what they can create. However there are a few parts that suck the energy out of the songs. But for the most part, these guys can write and it stays interesting for the duration of the disc. “All Over You” should appeal to fans of hard rock, metal, progressive and power metal.

Rating: 82