Bestia - Oiglaste Tulek (Hexenreich Records) - Back
Estonian Pagan Black Metal band Bestia have been blasting music in their capital city of Tallinn since the spring of 2000. In that time they have had a handful of releases and contributed to several compilations. The “Õiglaste Tulek" demo is their latest installment. On this disc you will find three tracks and a tad over nine minutes of raw black metal/death metal in the pagan vein. Most of this has a good tempo and is filled with classic black and death riffs. Some of these ominous guitar riffs are awesome, but if the band could tighten up a few loose parts it would help solidify their music. A few elements didn’t mesh quite right, which made those parts a little awkward. Basically some riffs choices were too much in contrast with their adjoining parts. Not all the time, but a few times it got my attention. However the vocal variation between the screaming black vox and a few guttural death growls was nice. Elements from bands like Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Absu, and maybe a little Morbid Angel are all through this CD. “Õiglaste Tulek” is a little unpolished; don’t expect Dimmu Borgir crystal clear black metal. Think of those aforementioned with a little raw edge. So, If you like your black/death metal a little on the raw side then this is for you.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins