Bethlehem - Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt (Red Stream) - Back
Dark Metal masters Bethlehem are back with a great new album called "Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt." Their songs are an interesting mix of all the Bethlehem albums along with some well-know music styles to create a very diverse album. Some of the songs took more of a beat driven sound, like techno or industrial music. It wasn't helpful addition to the songs, but it was interesting how Bethlehem incorporated those songs into their music. Its sometimes more of a beat with an eerie, atmospheric sound. "Somnambulismus in Maschinezimmer" has great melodies, and an overall calming feeling, a great track. Some other songs that deserve some recognition include "Maschinsohn," "Mein Kuss erstickt im Imperativ," "Das 4. Tier ab den Mutterwitz," and "Tod einer Dieselkatze." To the addition of the nine songs there are monologues over industrial/mechanical atmospheres that make up the albums seventeen tracks. There is also a bonus track that incorporates all the styles they use on this album. Bethlehem did a great job in writing a diverse sounding album without sounding like they have commercialized.

Rating: 89