Bethlehem - Mein Weg (Red Stream) - Back
The German dark metallers, Bethlehem, have again re-modified the dark dimensions of their chaotic mold. With their fifth opus, Mein Weg, Bethlehem embarks on another dreary musical journey consisting of heavy rhythmic groove, epic melancholia (reminiscent of old-Empyrium at times) and of course, classic suicidal dark metal aggression. This album may be their most sophisticated output in the band's history of 13 years! Experimental is a rather bleak term for these guys. Bethlehem are probably the most unique underground band to come out of Germany! There is a wide variety of musical splendour on "Mein Weg". From the very heavy, catchy "Aalmutter" to the atmospheric & melodic "Frl. Deutsch" to good 'ol dark metal-style "Dr. Miezo", Bethlehem still retain a very diverse and original sound throughout. The music is constantly very heavy and melodic, while the vocals range from clean to Rammstein-like to death grunts to obnoxiously brutal black metal screaming and whaling (typical of Bethlehems' earlier releases). All of the songs are adequately interesting with many twists and turns regardless of the lengthy album output of near 74 minutes. Most of the length, however, comes from the tenth track ("Maschinesatan" - almost 27 minutes!), which pauses for about 8 minutes before going into an old temporal vocal/piano melody. This is the only setback for the album. I would've preferred another couple of songs or some remixes or something, but it's a small factor. "Mein Weg" is exquisitely proportionate!! Whether you're into aggressive music or slightly more melodic music (even rock), you may find this interesting. For long-time fans and new fans alike!!!

Rating: 91

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell