Beyond the Flesh - What The Mind Perceives (Screaming Ferret/Escapi) - Back
Formed in 2000, here we have New Jersey's Beyond the Flesh in our graces. “What The Mind Perceives” is actually the bands' 2nd release, but the first on new label Screaming Ferret Wreckords (and distributed by Escapi Music). Beyond the Flesh have unleashed a similarity to bands like the Black Dahlia Murder, Vehemence, and Dark Tranquillity whence.... melodic thrash/death. There is a broad aspect to this New Jersey quartet and that is the freshness with the sound. Their songs never bore the hell out of me. They always create something different with each and every track. "This Life" has that Gothenburg-style of melody with some guttural vox thrown in, "Wasteland" creates a Nile-ish atmosphere, and "Darkest Days" has a more brutal vibe with some thrashiness. So you can see, these guys aren't afraid to beat the genres into the ground once in a while. They sound very tight as if they have played together for more than 5 years, but you can hear some flaws every once in a while. Very impressive stuff, but not surprising. Give these guys another album (sometime this year possibly) and they'll scare a lot of people! A worthy notice.

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell