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Singapore melodic death rock band, Bhelliom, are set to take the world by storm with their debut album 'Within Nowhere'. Behellion who formed back in 2000 have come a long since the release of their 2002 'Reflections Of Insanity' demo. Lovers of the harder more melodic styles of metal will relate well to 'Within Nowhere'. I was impressed with much of the albums lyrical content, rhythms and melodies. Below is a track by track review for you all to check out.

“In The Arms Of Agony” - I really loved this intro to the album, it's extremely melodic and took back to a time when bands such as Metallica were doing such great things like this on earlier works.

“Behind The Mask” - This has a cool thrashy element to it musically and is somewhat melodic. I was really impressed with the delivery vocally the lyrics are very cool too. I am a huge fan of the middle bridge in 'Behind the Mask'. The guitar work is fantastic. This is a great song.

“Illucination” - Everything about this song is awesome, vocally I couldn't imagine this song being sang any other way, the guitar work is fantastic and the rhythm section is pounding. This is one of those tracks that is extremely easy too head bang to. I am also a huge fan of 'Illucination' lyrically. This is one of my fave’s on the album. I recommend everyone has a listen to this track.

“Stranger In The Mirror” - This track takes off where 'Illucination' ended. 'Stranger in the Mirror' is certainly a crowd pleaser I can close my eyes and picture the pit going nuts to this track. I love this song, musically I think of bands like Iron Maiden on steroids. The bridge totally changes the mood of this song the guitar work reminded me of some work that Dimebag was doin’ on 'Vulgar Display Of Power' and no doubt these guys were influenced by Pantera because there stamp is all over this one. I give 'Stranger in the Mirror', two horns up!

“Images Of Torment” - Is a pretty good track, it's not one of my favorites on the album but it still rocks nevertheless. The drumming is outstanding; the guitar work is quite melodic especially when it comes time for the solo. But compared to some of the other tracks on the album 'Images of Torment' falls short but I do love the song title.

“Agony's Dream” - I love the opening riff on this song. I really love the Iron Maiden feel to it. As the song progresses I cant help it but head bang. I love the heaviness of 'Agony's Dream' the pounding bass and double kick drumming really impacts on this song. No doubt I will be playing this song on heavy rotation. The guitar solo was very well done too, ‘Agony's Dream’ is flawless!

“Sky High Under The Influence” - This is a super cool instrumental. Sometimes I think bands do the wrong thing by adding instrumentals to their albums but in the case of Bhelliom they have done the right thing. This is a hard hitting, rock and blues orientated piece with slashes of punk and metal. I really enjoyed this track, no doubt you will too.

“Within Nowhere” - The title track off the album is pretty good. "I'm down to my last breath, I must regain my strength" great lyrics! I really enjoy this track vocally but musically it seems a little over the place in parts. At one point the track becomes silent and then changes, I wasn't really gripped by the change at all

Overall I was very impressed with Bhelliom's debut album. I can only imagine as time goes on this band will do some amazing things for the metal scene in Singapore and around the world.

Complete Track Listing: In The Arms Of Agony, Behind The Mask, Illucination, Stranger In The Mirror, Images Of Torment, Agony's Dream, Sky High Under The Influence, Within Nowhere.

Bhelliom's 'Within Nowhere' is out now! You can grab your copy from the bands official website and where all great metal albums are sold.


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney