Bible Of The Devil - The Diabolic Procession (Cruz Del Sur Music) - Back
"The Diabolic Procession" is the fourth full length from Chicago’s Bible of the Devil. Bible of the Devil have been kicking around the underground scene for quite some time, forming in the late 1990's, and putting out their first full length in 2002. Although these guys are most often classified as stoner rock, I don’t feel that tag line is broad enough to describe their sound, at least on this album.

Bible of the Devil do a good job of mixing traditional metal and rock styles, producing a product that successfully mates the hard driving rock riffs of Motorhead with melodic guitar work that resembles traditional heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Manilla Road. The vocals are sung in a fairly clean mid range with just enough gravel thrown in to maintain a raw, dirty feel. The songs are quite catchy, and varied enough to hold the listener’s interest through the entire length of the album. Up-tempo rockers like "Legions of the Oriflamme" and "Millenialism" being balanced by slower tracks like "The Elusive Miracle" and "Slaves" both of which have a melodic doom metal feel to them.

"The Diabolic Procession" is a dirty hybrid of some of the better elements of both rock and metal, it's well worth your time if you like good simple heavy music. This is a fun release and is great for parties, I guarantee that makes you want to guzzle a beer or three. I don’t see these guys as neatly fitting into any one sub-genre, but I think that this release would be of particular interest to fans of High on Fire, Motorhead and maybe Brand New Sin.


Reviewed By: Garett F.