Biolich - The Space Between Home And Today (Paragon Records) - Back
Described as avant-garde death grind, Biolich release their first mini-cd. “The Space Between Home And Today” can be akin to a variation of bands including Necrofagist, Dying Fetus, Demilich, Botch, Cephalic Carnage, and A.C. It’s like they take all deep, dark, or depressing elements and slam them together in some sort of vomiting mass of destruction. The songs progress into different styles, tempos and tones, and will make sure you will not get bored with this disc. Call it controlled chaos or technicality to the second power (technicality squared). Other parts I’d like to shine some light on include the super deep, guttural, death vocals, and I can’t stress the word “deep,” enough! And death screams too, like a demons vomitous shriek! There isn’t really a weak part in the band, they just need to mold this into a monster. The only odd things for me on this disc the track “Ikon Sumo.” It’s kind of a Moby, techno, new age, industrial track. It just doesn’t go with much else from the CD. Besides that pretty much everything else on this six track, twenty-six minutes disc is lively enough to grab you by your throat. I can see people into hardcore, death metal, progressive, and grind all liking this creation…I know I’m looking forward to more.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins