Biomechanical - Eight Moons (Independent) - Back
London, England is the home of Biomechanical, a power metal, thrash type band. Their music sounds like a combination of Nevermore (definitely the heaviness of the music), Dream Theater for some of the atmosphere, and Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian for some of the riffs. They do have a kind of unique sound, and that sound could have influences from many more bands. You can also tell that they have a good amount of feeling towards what they write, from the melodic to the intense. The solos shred pretty well, fast and technical. "Eight Moons" doesn't have any songs that you could call amazing, but there are a few songs that I thought were pretty decent. They include "The Awakening," "Do You Know Me," "Distorted," and "Hunted." Some of the songs have some really good riffs, but other parts of the album, do not do much for the album as a whole; neither good or bad. There are a total of nine songs on this disk and nearly thirty-seven minutes of metal. Overall this is a decent disk, if you're a fan of power metal and maybe even thrash, you might want to check this band out.

Rating: 73