Black Autumn - Synthetic Deity (Independent) - Back
It seems that within the last year, that there has been many unsigned bands that have put out CDs that have the sound of classic death metal. Black Autumn is another one of these unsigned bands. It is great to hear the sound of the late eighties and early nineties come back. With such bands as Suffocation, Brutality and Cynic no longer with us or, on what seems to be a permanent hiatus, its good to see some bands to try to pick up the slack. Its not that Black Autumn is a classic death metal band, is that if they were around back in the day that they would be thought of when people would say classic death metal. I was pleased with the majority of "Synthetic Deity." "Nosferatu I The Feeding," "Nosferatu II The Cleansing," "Center For Disease Corruption," and the title track "Synthetic Deity" all were good songs. Especially with Nosferatu I, there was something about that song that really kicked my ass. Black Autumn is another band that I'd like to see what they do next. Another release might get them signed to a label like Olympic or Pavement, those labels seem to have a few classic metal bands among their ranks. If you want to check out some new music check out this band. They have a website that you can visit at

Rating: 73