Black Label Society - Kings Of Damnation: 98-04 (Spitfire Records) - Back
As it says on the CD cover sticker “The essential Zakk Wylde Black Label Society Collection!!!!!” And it certainly is! The official name of the disc is “Kings of Damnation - Era 98-04”, according to their label’s web site. It’s comprised of nineteen tracks, two of which are new songs. Featuring tracks that span Zakk Wylde’s music career, including his first trio, Pride and Glory, and Black Label Society. Tons of awesome tracks! But the only problem with best of discs (as I usually say for most “best of discs”), is that you usually have all the other tracks from their first release. This is a great selection of tracks, but not much new. I can see people that are big fans buying this disc for the 2 news tracks or people that don’t have much of the BLS collection. Some people just don’t see the worth in a best of disc if they have everything on it already. Anyhow, this release is filled with the ever-familiar Zakk Wylde guitar sound…captifying melodies, crushing heavy riffage. You can’t call yourself a metalhead if you don’t know Zakk! A handful of these classic tracks include “Stillborn,” “Bleed For Me,” “Counterfeit God,” and” Stronger Than Death.” To this day I still can’t get enough of “Stillborn,” my all-time favorite BLS tune. Well I guess there isn’t much else to say. If you want to hear some of BLS’s greatest tracks and you don’t have anything yet, this is the perfect disc for you. Otherwise, checkout the tracklist to see if there is enough to make this a worthy purchase for you.

Rating: 86