Black Mass - Conquering Legions of Astaroth (Grim Nocturnal) - Back
Offering their services to Golgotha within their 3rd full-length is Maryland-based black thrashers, Black Mass. Conquering Legions of Astaroth presents a stronger, more aggressive approach than they have spewed forth in the past. Not to mention, a slightly better production. This actually reminds me of a very early Deicide ("Amon..." or "Deicide") with a more black metal sound. My favorite tracks are "Cursed Wrath" and "Evil Reigns Eternal", but everything sounds pretty good. Black Mass bring the fury to the table in every one of their 9 tracks (2 of which were featured on their split CD with Hellraised) with a total running time of around 35 minutes. Not only will this make haste for Deicide, Bathory, early-Morbid Angel and Slayer fans alike... it'll bring you back to when old-school had no name except "thrash". A lot of classic thrash-like riffs and breaks! Highly recommended for those ready to mosh their brains out! (If you're not metal, be warned!)

Rating: 77

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell