Black Messiah - Oath Of A Warrior (Einheit Produktionen) - Back
This German 6-piece was founded about 10 years back and believe it or not, "Oath of a Warrior" is only Black Messiah's sophomore release. That has a lot to do with changing labels and whatnot. Anyways, “Oath of a Warrior” presents a much more clear presentation of the bands' heathen philosophies. Bringing forth melody, aggression and symphonic black metal technicality, Black Messiah seem to have collected quite a diverse sound. It's not that what they are doing hasn't been done before, it's the fact that what they are doing is so powerful in approach. The Viking ideology/concept is thorough and intelligent as is their music. In fact, the only thing about this album that annoys me is their drum kick sound. It sounds way too trebly, making it almost to the point of muffled. It isn't really an annoyance, though, if you just listen to this as a whole. I am most impressed with Black Messiah! Oath of a Warrior is certainly a note-worthy listen. Extreme, melodic, technical, atmospheric.....

Rating: 85

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell