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British guitarist Ritchie Blackmore started out as a session player and then he found himself cofounder of the hard rock group Deep Purple. Blackmore also was known in the band Rainbow, which was originally named Elf, then when Blackmore joined, it changed to Ritchie Blackmores's Rainbow (Rainbow). In 1997, Ritchie decided to devote himself to a sound of rock, folk, and sixteenth century melodies in homage to the music of the Renaissance era. This marks the beginning of Blackmore's Night. "Fires At Midnight" is not a metal album, but the musicianship on this CD is amazing. It's composed mostly of a rock and folk sound, with mostly acoustic guitar, there are some leads and solos, and its all wrapped together with the sounds from the sixteenth century. Some of my favorite songs include "The Times They Are A Changing," "Home Again," and "Praetorius (Courante)." That's only a few songs that I liked, there a quite a few more. The total length of "Fires At Midnight" is over sixty-seven minutes, and the sixteen songs will keep you enticed for the entire disk. There really is not a bad song on this CD, and even though it is not metal, I enjoyed this disk quite a bit.

Rating: 82