Black Zodiac - Psychotic Hatred (Sonic Wave International/The Orchard) - Back
When I first took a look at this CD, I thought this was going to be a female version of Puya. But it’s more like Crisis with an accent. Cuban-born Mayelin formed Black Zodiac in 2002 and the band currently is from Brandon, Florida. I guess it’s just weird to me because I found myself struggling to get into some tracks. Maybe if she used more of a Crisis type grimace with here voice. I found it a little stressing on the ears when she tries to sing. The reverb on her vocals doesn’t really help; they need something else to polish it. This disc is pretty good, technically speaking. Produced by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez, who is also Morbid Angel’s co-producer. It definitely sounds like it too. The double bass drum and solos have similar qualities as Morbid Angel, and the music is very death metal oriented along with some thrash. I could picture this with some good death metal growls. Sorry to say, one weakness I saw in the band is her vocals. They need to be more ferocious and aggressive like the music. Her yelling vocals could work, but if her voice could take it, maybe even death metal like. There is more to vocals than a pretty face. “My Enemy’s Blood” would be an example of what I think Black Zodiac should do.

Rating: 61