The Blank Theory – Beyond the Calm of the Corridor (Scratchie/New Line Records) - Back
When I first put this disc in I thought that this might be another Linkin Park. But these guys are different. The Blank Theory sound similar but heavier, like Korn. They have influences from Ministry to the Deftones and from Helmet to Tool, a real sound barrage of hard rock. James Iha, formerly of Smashing Pumpkins, produced and added additional guitars to “Beyond the Calm of the Corridor.” He definitely helped in the overall sound of this CD. All songs are produced well, so they all sound good, James did a great job. Cool, heavy as hell riffs and some nice harmonies are all over this disc and their music works well in layers. Their songs sound full without them being over loaded. My favorite tracks are “Father’s Eyes,” “Thicker,” and “Back of My Mind” with a host of others. The Blank Theory even has a cover of “Sour Times” originally done by Portishead. “Beyond the Calm of the Corridor” is a well-rounded effort, but when all is said and done, these guys can sound heavy, even though it seems like they are trying to hide that side of their music.

Rating: 75