Bleed The Sky - Paradigm In Entropy (Nuclear Blast) - Back
“Paradigm In Entropy” is the new release by Bleed The Sky. Take elements of hardcore, Swedish death, thrash and even Nu metal and you could create something like this…brutal riffs, some with harmonies and melodies, all with energy. Lots of decent songs are on this disc; a few tracks are pretty good. Most tracks are similar to metalcore, but more ferocious like death metal. Like Chimaira, Meshuggah and metalcore bands, but I can’t leave out the Korn or Slipknot influence. The producer is Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Integrity, Downing Pool), which should explain some of their sound. Vocals are mostly a hardcore scream with some death growls, and some clean vocals, like hardcore choruses. I like the lines in “The Martyr,” I believe he says “There is no God.” It has a powerful sound. “God In The Frame” is another good track, probably my favorite. “Gated” is more or less a 3-minute instrumental, the words have so much reverb they are uncomprehendible. Bleed The Sky sound a little different than your typical metalcore sound, there is more of a diverse sound that the others, which might give them a step up. But they really don’t do enough to put them at the top of the genre. This is their first album, to my knowledge, at least with Nuclear Blast, and the do show promise.

Rating: 79