Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
It’s been over twenty years since the start of Blind Guardian. “A Twist In The Myth” is the band’s first studio album in four years. It’s been a while, but that’s ok, they are back with eleven tracks almost fifty-two minutes of vibrant and energetic, symphonic power metal. Some riffs just rock, and the guitar leads dance up and down the frets. Their lead guitar harmonics sound is a signature of Blind Guardian, the same with Hansi’s voice. Both make me instantly think of the band. Hansi Kursch’s prominent vocals are an important element for this band. I can’t picture the band without him. He has the staying power with his vocals that many singers just don’t have. The drummer Frederik Ehmke, had a little bit more of a duty than just the drums. He also placed a flute and bagpipes on this disc. “Skalds and Shadows” the flute, “Carry The Blessed Home” the bagpipes. Not only are these musicians good, but they are well-rounded. Every track is a worthy Blind Guardian tune, but they just didn’t seem to have many standouts like their other releases. "Fly," "Carry the Blessed Home," and "Skalds and Shadows" were the best tracks in my opinion, but everything else shouldn’t be ignored either. Their J.R.R. Tolkien based album “Nightfall In Middle-Earth” still proves to be their best album in my opinion though…a true concept album. “Skalds and Shadows” brings me back to that disc with the folk elements. There was only one thing that I had a problem with…the security voice-overs kinda sucked on this; talk about ruining the flow of the tracks. I understand the use of them, that’s fine, but it makes it hard to review when you get interrupted every few minutes while listening. It can ruin your impression of a tune. Producer Charlie Bauerfreind (Halloween, Gamma Ray, Angra) handled “A Twist Of A Myth” at Twilight Hall Studios, a first-rate job as usual. The great German power metal band Blind Guardian are back with “A Twist In The Myth,” no do your part and check it out.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins