Blind Myself - Worst-Case Scenario (Two Fat Men) - Back
Oddly enough, Blind Myself now have 3 albums and 1 EP under their belts with relatively little attention. “Worst-Case Scenario” would be their third release and is a very well-produced effort. It contains 12 tracks with around 45 minutes of highly progressive metal/noisecore. Blind Myself remind me of earlier Neurosis with more of a Swedish sounding metalcore style crossed with say- Katatonia. They are certainly not like any metalcore band that I've heard before this, if you'd even call them that. The Hungarian quintet have a very sophisticated sound... a very fresh approach to the table. Take for instance, “Left Hand Paints” (track 3), it starts like Killswitch and then the music goes slightly doom/death with the Neurosis vocal-style. Assumably, Black Sabbath has shown their effects on this newcomer as well. Daniel Ivanfi is an outstanding drummer too! He can pretty much go from blast-beat or double kick to slow-paced hi-hat breaks with virtually no trouble. Every member seems to be comfortable with one another. They do seem a bit too skeptical, though. What I mean is that it seems like they don't know if they want to be more melodic or more up-tempo. Maybe another album or two will answer that. Regardless, Blind Myself have popped-up and out of the European underground ready for the world to heed their presence.

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell