Blood Ink - Bleed The Ink (Independent) - Back
You don’t hear about many metal bands from Lebanon, but Blood Ink may be one that you should pay attention to. Originally started as a school idea in 2002 the band finally set out to write their own version of heavy music after the final roster was set it late 2003. There are a few ways you can interpret their sound, but it is a variation of metalcore. Parts remind me of bands from anywhere between, Shadows Fall, Korn, Deftones, Nirvana and Soilwork. For example the music is balanced between straightforward riffs and nice melodies. Swedish death / hardcore riffs were what I enjoyed the most on “Bleed The Ink.” There were also other things that reminded me of the Korn demo, the Nirvana grunge sound, and the more technical riffs used by bands like Shadows Fall and Soilwork. They even use acoustic guitar. So I would say their music is a variation of metalcore, thrash and nü metal. But it’s definitely more metalcore than anything. There are vocal variations too, including drone-singing goth-like vocals, passion filled vocals with a grimace, screaming hardcore vocals, and even a few death growls. Just about all the tracks are at least decent, my favorites include “Bring Me Down,” “Living Sin,” “Drayke,” and “Behind The Mask.” The last song, track 9, is basically an acoustic outro that changes to a metallic instrumental, a nice way to end the disc. Production is ok, not great but not bad either...the album was self-produced by the band in its own home studio because there are no studios in Lebanon that work with rock/metal music. Basically the only thing that I can think of that detracted from their music was a few songs that had abrupt endings. Everything else is pretty much what you would expect from a band’s first disc. “Bleed The Ink” shows a promising future for Blood Ink.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins