Bloodthorn - Under The Reign Of Terror (Red Stream) - Back
Hailing from Norway, Bloodthorn, this black/death metal band will enthral you with their latest CD, "Under The Reign Of Terror." This band does somewhat have their own sound, but is still similar to the other bands in the genre. Incantation, Vital Remains, Marduk, Mayhem and a host of others have some similarities with Bloodthorn, all which are dark, intense, and chaotic. The whole album is in the vain of ancient battlefields, where war, enslavement, butchery and savagery reign supreme. My favorite songs on this opus include "Deathmachine," "The Return of Wrath" and "After The Attack." To end the CD, the band has a cover of "Deathcrush" which is an original by Mayhem. And for another added sweetness to the last song, Necrobutcher of Mayhem makes a guest appearance on the track as well. "Under The Reign Of Terror" has a length of over thirty-eight minutes of unmerciful insanity and eight bludgeoning tracks. There really is much more to say about this album except that it is pretty straight forward, and any fan of black or death metal should appreciate what Bloodthorn has composed in their latest release.

Rating: 75