Bloody Sign - Vana Vigala Loits (Ibex Moon) - Back
Wow, this one caught me off guard! Introducing... Bloody Sign. Bloody Sign is a new death metal quartet from the now "popular for metal bands" country, France (home to Anorexia Nervosa, Himinbjorg and Seth to name a few). This is their first album, Vana Vigala Loits, which is a mind-bending black/death metal experience in more brutal terms. The thing I like most about this particular recording is that it is raw and dark, but still crystal clear for the ear's collaborations. The aggression is reminiscent of bands like Immolation and old-Mercyless, while the black metal rawness is like that of Darkthrone. A very compromising debut for these French newcomers! Vana Vigala Loits also features a Pestilence cover of "Parricide" and a live demo recording from 2003 of "Master of Nothing". Unfortunately, I didn't exactly find the title track very appealing. It was kind of entertaining, though. It is a tribal instrumental of sorts that I really didn't think fit the album, but that's just me. Other than that, everything is extremely professional and interesting enough to check out for any death-head!! Pestilence, Immolation, and Sadus fans will love these guys!!!!

Rating: 85

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell