Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God (Candlelight Records) - Back
This, my brethren, is a sonic slew of epic hate-infested black metal grimage!! This is Blut Aus Nord. Surprisingly, "The Work Which Transforms God" is their fifth offering but only the first for their newfound home in Candlelight Records. Relatively unknownst to anyone in the world 'til recently, Blut Aus Nord is classic raw black metal with Godflesh-like atmospheres. Therein establishing this as a strong dark scent of evil disharmony in whatever form you may see fit. Personally, it reminds me of what you may hear as you enter the absurdities of hell. No pretty melodies, no cliche breakdowns and choruses... just inevitably rotting throes of ungod. To come up with what you can hear as subliminal messages on a vinyl record is quite unique. Good? Well, not bad. Definately different, but not incredible IMO. First of all, as was intended, the production sounds horrific as do the sonic and bludgeoning guitar overtones. I am quite impressed due to the fact there is complete originality in this. Unfortunately, this is not what I had in mind (but who did? hehe). I do, however, find this as the pinnacle to an early chapter in Blut Aus Nords' long journey towards musical oblivion. I could imagine this once upon a time in a cemetery in the deepest, darkest forest only to be falling down an everblack hole until the record ends. I recommend this for funeral-happy people!!!

Rating: 73

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell