Bobaflex - Apologize For Nothing (TVT Records) - Back
Bobaflex is an interesting name for an interesting band. The founding members of the band are a part of the most famous family feud in American history. Yep, the Hatfields and the McCoys!! And even though there are only a couple McCoys in the band, you better believe they bring their war of sorts to your ears while you listen to their new disc “Apologize For Nothing”. You can understand the wrath that the Hatfields must have felt! While listening to this disc it reminded me of an assortment of bands including Disturbed, Sevendust, Slipknot, Dope and System of a Down, maybe even Clutch. You can definitely see their influence from nu metal bands. Oddly enough one of my favorite tracks might be the strangest track on the disc, “Guns Ablazin”. It reminds me of System of a Down quite a bit. From the playful vocals to the creative use of the instruments, it screams SOAD. The have some similarities with hip-hop too, that might turn off some people into loud music, but for the most part Bobaflex has the intensity and the balls of a metal band. I guess the only other complaint is that most tracks are between 2:30 and 3:30 minutes, so if they could increase the length a little it might not make their songs feel so brief. Anyhow, just about everything track on the disc is at least decent and the production is stellar. I can even see some of these songs on the radio, they seem to have that radio presence. “Apologize For Nothing” surprised me when I first listened to this album, nu metal rarely has anything fresh to offer to the masses, Bobaflex might be what the genre needed.

Rating: 83