Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal (Metal Blade Records) - Back
UK's death metal warlords have returned for blood!! “Those Once Loyal” is Bolt Thrower's 8th album and this is also their 20th anniversary, so horns up for fuck's sake!! Their 8th opus is oozing with classic mid-paced rhythms, bombastic double kicks, enthralling bass lines and Karl Willett's extremely successful return (he sounds the same, no worries!) making this perhaps the best Bolt Thrower album since "The IVth Crusade". The album intro is much like the one from the "Warmaster" album, which then smoothly transcends into the first full song whence... "At First Light". It is a very strong beginning to the album with loads of mid-pace melody and fast-grinding aggression. "Entrenched" cannot be undone. It is the pinnacle of this album, in my opinion. Very much a track that could've been placed long ago on the "Warmaster" disc. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. It's classic grinding death metal. No keys, no high-shrieks, no modernized edge, no bullshit! I don't know, maybe I'm just a bit over-hyped with the fact that they're back in full force with most of the old line-up (aside from Andy Whales... but Mr. Kearns does just fine!). If you've grown up moshing to Bolt Thrower and waiting years for another classic to emerge, this album will allow you to breathe easier!

Rating: 92

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell