Borknagar - Epic (Century Media) - Back
Hail!! For once again- the Nordic Viking lords of Borknagar have raised their mighty chalices in bloody haste!! Album after album, it seems, Borknagar (now a 4-man vicious circle) keep relinquishing another chapter in the metal spectrum. With "Epic" being by far the bands' most diverse offering, I believe more people will delve deeper into their world- Oysteins' world!! For years, Borknagar have remained one of the more obscure outfits in the Century Media family. With their 6th opus, Borknagar will again open the doors to Valhalla and be presented them with golden medallions of metal mastery! This album, however, seems a little "over-polished" as opposed to their earlier releases. I would gander to say that there is often too much going on in any one passage on "Epic". Be it the keyboard elaboration to make up for the loss of their 2nd guitar or just trying to sound too darned perfect. I dunno, I still love these guys. I guess I shouldn't wine and dine over the little things and just be thankful Borknagar have released yet another magnum opus!! Old fans and new fans alike should adore in the highest appreciation....

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell