Borknagar - Origin (Century Media Records) - Back
Though I was hard-pressed for such a big swing in Borknagar’s newest musical pursuit, I was also somewhat curious. Knowing bands like Månegarm, Finntroll, Empyrium and a slew of others have delved into the acoustic world after previously releasing metal albums, I thought, it's Borknagar and it will be great. Case and point. Borknagar’s 7th studio output, “Origin,” is really nothing short of the overall atmosphere from the other albums aside from the distorted guitars or lack thereof. There are 9 songs, 2 of them are instrumental, and the disc runs about 36 minutes. One of the 9 songs is a rerecorded acoustic version of "Oceans Rise" from The Archaic Course album. Only 4 members have coincided this time (Øystein G. Brun, Lars A. Nedland, Asgeir Mickelson and Vintersorg), but there appears to be some assistance from Steinar Ofsdal, Thomas Nilsson and Sareeta for the more traditional instruments. Also, Tyr played the bass on this album. Looking into the dynamics and overall feel of the album, folk is the common denominator, as one may expect. With so much going on, this reminds me a lot of a band known as Tenhi out of Finland. A very mystical and personified sound at the very least. If Borknagar decided to do this type of album every time, I believe they would have the same following they have always had. Surely I would miss the Viking metal sound from time to time, but who knows - only time will tell. Origin is outstanding!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell