Bornholm - ...On the Way of the Hunting Moon (Melancholia Records) - Back
Holy shit!! Where the fuck did these guys come from?? This is awesome!! Bornholm is from the land of Hungary and have actually been around for 6 or 7 years!! This is their debut album (originally released in 2003, remastered in 2005). “On the Way of the Hunting Moon” is a black metal masterpiece from the very first note. The production is comprehensive enough to make everything out, but also muddy enough to probably call it "occvlt". Who the hell really cares, though!! It boasts of the usual fast-pace with great, catchy choruses, it is very technical, melodic yet... brutal, loads of acoustic medleys, NO clean vocals (the occasional whisper), and altogether outstanding pace! The closest resemblance would be to take Immortal and Satyricon, then throw older-Dissection into a blender with them! The mixture is Dimortalcon!! Ehh... Bornholm works too. No shit... everything that a black metal fan (raw/occvlt or polished prod.) would like, is here!! This release has 7 tracks and totals in at around 35 minutes, plus there is a video of "Acheron" included (which is actually a very sophisticated black metal video... the best one since Emperor’s "Loss and Curse....." video). I hope nothing changes on their next release ("Walk On Pagan Ways", which should be out soon) because black metal like this doesn't come around often!! Everybody should check out Bornholm, period. I'm shocked.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell