Braindance - Redemption (Progressive Darkwave Recordings) - Back
When I first started listening to "Redemption" I didn't know what to expect. The intro to this disk is from a Simpson's episode, so I wasn't sure if their music was going to serious or not. Braindance is definitely serious about their music. They have some pretty good leads, and quite a bit of feeling in their music. The style of music that Braindance plays is unique. They consider themselves progressive darkwave. That is probably the best way to describe their music. You could also say it is similar to Type O Negative with some progressive rock and darkwave influences. You can feel the atmosphere in some of the songs, especially in one of my favorite songs "Return." After listening to this album a few times I realized that there are really no bad songs, and pretty much all songs are at least decent. A few of this songs include "Refracture," "Resurrection," and the title track "Redemption." An interesting aspect of the song titles is that they all start with a "Re." Braindance has a total of eleven tracks on this disk that last sixty-four minutes plus. Among these tracks is an interesting intermission type song that kind of splits the album into two parts. "Reduction" is a track that is made from a mix of excerpts from movies, tv shows, sports and other clips. It is all put together as if it was telling a story. It is a unique track, and with all the sound clips they use throughout the album, "Reduction" also ties the album together as a whole. I believe Braindance has something brewing here that might take off in time, but only time will tell.

Rating: 75