Brave – Searching for the Sun (Dark Symphonies) - Back
“Searching for the Sun” sounds like a continuation from Brave’s last album as the band Arise From Thorns. They still seem influenced by bands like the Gathering and use exceptional acoustic music, with atmosphere and the angelic vocals of their female singer to create a great presence. The best way to describe them is a folk/hard rock band. Female vocals that are very pleasing to listen to can add another dimension to any genre music. These vocals fit perfect with this style of music, as if it was always meant to be. Within the eleven songs on this forty-eight minute long album, it’s hard to find something negative. All songs are well written and performed well, especially “Escape” my favorite track “Trapped Inside,” “Before Nightfall,” and “Candle in the Dark.” I wanted to give this record a much better rating but it isn’t that much of a metallic album.

Rating: 82