Brick Bath - I Won't Live The Lie (Independent) - Back
Formally known as Epitaph, the Southern California band Brick Bath has came out with an album that is quite impressive. This heavy, aggressive, and groove driven album has influences from bands like Pantera and Testament. Personally, I think that this CD is as good, if not better than Pantera's last album "Reinventing The Steel." Just about every song on "I Won't Live The Lie" is at least decent, and about half the albums is simply put...Great! My favorite tracks include "Sick of You," the title track "I Won't Live The Lie," "Simple Life," "So Wrong," "Oppression Kills," "Need," and "Die Alone." The fourteen tracks will ravage through your mind and body for about fifty-three minutes. Brick Bath has played many packed shows and has co-headlined with such bands as Stuck Mojo, Testament, Forbidden, Flotsam & Jetsam, and Exodus. This band has a good future, and some record label should pick these guys up.

Rating: 92