Britny Fox - Long Way To Live! (Spitfire Records) - Back
One thing about live albums, it basically another way to put out a best of album. Britny Fox after their years in the music industry has finally released a live album entitled "Long Way To Live!" This CD isn't to bad even though the music is definitely dated. I grew up on this type of music, so I do appreciate it's influence on me. No matter what you call it, cheese metal, hair bands, glam rock or whatever, many of us grew up on this stuff. A few of my favorite tracks include "Long Way To Love," "Lonely To Long," and "Girlschool." This concert last for over an hour and consist of fourteen cheesy classics. Some of these track I'm sure everyone has heard at least once. This music might have been good ten plus years ago, but now it just seems pointless, except for the part that you can reminisce. A discussion for an actual best of CD are in the process now, along with a tour. Some of the tour dates have been listen already. If you're a fan of eighties cheese, or hair bands in general you may like this, otherwise I think I'm gonna leave this for the mullet men that are still around today.

Rating: 65