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To try to explain the greatness of Bruce Dickinson, in the metal world, would be useless because there are no words to explain what he has accomplished. And with his new solo album “Tyranny of Souls,” now out for people to purchase, you can find all the answer you need in the music. The new disc is right up there with the best of his solo efforts. It’s what you should expect from Bruce-Bruce. This disc is the first new solo full-length since the 1998’s “Chemical Wedding,” and it’s good from start to finish…basically excellent is an understatement. Joined by renowned guitarist Roy Z, who does all the guitars, they have created an album with an immense amount of feeling. “Navigate the Seas of the Sun” is a great ballad, there is so much feeling, and it illustrates this point perfectly. When it comes to great leads and solos, once again the album is filled with them. “Abduction,” “Soul Intruder,” and “Power of the Sun” are examples that glorify these claims. Not to mention, the man that is the epitome of a real metal singer, showcases aspects of his vocal abilities. Classic metal riffs, fist pumping beats, and powerful vocals, of course. Bruce Dickinson and Maiden fans, be prepared to be amazed! When the disc is done it will leave you hungering for more.

Rating: 94

Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Second Review: Well as a huge Iron Maiden fan I was really anticipating the release of this album & to be honest I was a little disappointed with this one. All though there are some really heavy tracks on the album overall I thought it could have been done better. Certain tracks blew me away the raw power of Bruce’s vocals & the drums especially kicked ass, but other tracks just left me wanting to turn off the album. If you are an Iron Maiden fan I think you would be somewhat disappointed with a few of the tracks on the album but you will still want to have this CD as part of your collection. The production on this album was very well done, the artwork is also very cool, yes it’s not Eddie but probably the best artwork I have seen yet from any of Bruce’s solo work, but some of the tracks were lacking in my opinion. Anyways here is my track by track of “Tyranny of Souls”. “Mars Within” - I don’t believe any album’s first track should be an introduction, for the most part I find myself starting this cd along with many others that believe an introduction is important at track number two. In my opinion, just a waist of perfectly good track space. “Abduction” - Wow what a fucking great track. This is a great opening song, it’s also got to be my faveorite song on the album. They could have easily had left mars within off this album & opened up with this track, the guitar work in this track is fantastic; the thunderous drum sound was something I really enjoyed hearing. This track has the Iron Maiden/Judas Priest traditional metal style written all over it. “Soul Intruders” - As soon as I heard the introduction to this track two bands came to mind; Slayer & Anthrax. This is another one of those tracks that you will have no problem head banging along with while you extend one arm punching the air! Bruce’s vocals are fantastic on this track also. “Kill Devil Hill” - This one was not a fave but you will still find yourself playing air guitar along to it. By the end of this song you will find yourself looking for the remote to hit skip. I know I did. “Navigate The Seas of the Sun” - Totally bored me, I have to be honest I really wasn’t expecting to hear a track on this album that was going to be a majority of acoustically driven guitar chords. This track reminded me quite a lot of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “Californication”. I think many of the traditional long time Maiden fans will hate this track. All though I have to admit I have heard worst! “River On No Return” - As soon as the intro starts your leg will begin tapping & your head will start those nodding motions. This is another one of those great tracks with a harmonic chorus that puts you right into a Maiden mindscape. I would love to hear Ronnie James Dio do a cover of this track! “Power of the Sun” - This song could have easily appeared on any of the last three iron maiden studio albums. This is a killer track that will leave you with a sore neck for days. Just the way it should be! “Devil On A Hog” - To be honest the name of this song put me off. The simple & very effective intro turned that all around for me. This is one of those tracks that you won’t be able to help but sing along with. Lyrics are great as are the harmonies although I did expect more in parts of the track. For some weird reason I thought of Lordi’s “Blood Red Sandman” when I first listened to this song. Not really sure why as they are quite different tracks. But still a week on I am hearing Lordi! This track has a dynamic guitar solo that fits in really well if you love your guitar playing this track won’t be a problem for you! “Believel” - Seems to me that Bruce’s approach to this song was to start out as some kind of narrator for a horror novel. Too be honest the first minute or so of this track really falls short of the mark for me. Once the drums kick in the song takes on a whole new path, original, new & fast! This track is starting to grow on me. “A Tyranny Of Souls” - First thing I thought of when I heard this song was a track from Kiss’ ‘Carnival of Souls’ called ‘Rain’. The introduction to tyranny is so similar I expect to read that Kiss is suing in the news any day now! (we all know if there is money to be made Gene will be there)! This track is a great way to end the album. A strong song with power-driven guitar riffs. This is a track that you will surely remember! I really did expect a little more from this album but overall it’s far from an album that I would smash or forget I owned, still enough killer tracks on here to play it, even if it means skipping a few of them.

Rating: 65

Reviewed By: Cameron Edney