Brutal Mastication - Underground (Arctic Music Group) - Back
Crossing the sounds of death metal, and some hardcore Brutal Mastication has wrote an album entitled "Underground." Its hard to put a finger on what their sound is like but I guess you could say it's a mix of Obituary, Monstrosity, Hatebreed and Death. The first seven tracks on this CD are all recorded live. I must say that these live tracks are recorded very well. Some of the best live recording I have ever heard. The last six tracks were recorded in studios. Tracks eight through twelve were recorded by Scott Burns at Morrisound. The tracks that I enjoyed the most included "Insane" and "Dead People Are Cool." They are filled with energy and cool heavy riffs. Other tracks that I liked include, "Worms" and "Stand Strong." All in all, this is a good album. It definitely gets your heart beating a little faster. The riffs are cool, heavy and bludgeoning at times. This CD is thirteen tracks long and last for over thirty-seven minutes. Don't shy away from trying new bands, you never know what you might like.

Rating: 80