Buried God - Dark Revelation (Merciless Records) - Back
Germany is the resting place of the trio known as Buried God. "Dark Revelation" is their debut release and is full of high-intensity aggression like that of Possessed and Venom. These guys almost immediately brought me back to 1989 just when the underground metal scene was starting to rapidly take off with a slew of bands like Pestilence, Vio-lence, Carcass, and Atheist. Needless to say, Buried God are speed/thrash with death metal style vocals. Excellently executed and warp-speed guitar tones with break-neck percussion and drumwork. The lyrics along with the CD layout is of an evil essence, as would be apparent with their band logo. This isn't too bad, but the music is a little dated. I would probably like this a lot more if they threw in something extra (more solos, some varied vocals, etc.). Everything else is quite good as it's certainly worth a listen! I'd like to see what they do in the coming years.

Rating: 71

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell