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Thanks goes to the band for sending me this 60 minute self-titled debut that explores a blend of Thrash Metal and Hard Rock with some intriguing groove to each track. According to Alex their guitarist "we play what we like", which is entirely evident because Burned In Effigy offers some innovation to the Metal scene. With Jared on guitar and vocals as well as Zak on drums plus vocals, their sound offers an intriguing style because it isn't just screaming or extremely harsh. Their vocal output offers to it a blend of different styles that give plenty of unique sounds which remind me of old school Metal with a newer tone.

The recording as a whole turned out really good - each instrument well mixed overall. The guitar riffs have an intriguing style to them because they reflect a Hard Rock/Thrash/Blues blend in which every track has a bit of each style to it. The tempos aren't exceptionally fast, each song is entirely unique and the solos are Blues based.

Sixteen tracks are a lot for a debut though each one carries it's own impressive and creative blend. The fact that this band sent me their album is an eye-opener because it's good for promotional purposes. Readers should visit their web site http://www.burnedineffigy.com and buy this album to form their own opinion. It won't disappoint!


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/