Burner - One For The Road (Arctic Music Group) - Back
Being a fan of all types of metal can make you picture what a certain style crossed with another would sound like. But a mix between rock n roll and death metal might seem a little weird. Burner takes both these elements and makes a sound that is catchy and groove driven and also heavy and intense. I don’t know how they decided to create such a band, but it’s very good. One for the road is composed of twelve songs and about forty-seven minutes of heart pumping rock n roll. There are tons of groovy, catchy riffs that make it quite easy to get into this album. It’s hard to pick favorite songs on this CD, but a few did stand out for me. “American Dream,” “No Regrets” and “Empty” seemed to have a little more energy then the rest. “No Regrets” has some riffs and lyrics that make you want to get into the pit. “One For The Road” was a big surprise for me, and I hope they put out another record soon!

Rating: 87