Burn Guitars - Demo (Independent) - Back
This four piece band from NYC has a very interesting aspect to their music. Not many bands have done this except for Spinal Tap. What am I actually talking about? Of course I am talking about three bassist. A very interesting concept, and they can all play pretty good. But for some reason I couldn't get into this music that much. It just seemed pretty tame, and the sound of it almost reminds me when I use to jam with some friends. Maybe if they used some cool effects on their songs I might be able to get into this. If you like groove oriented metal or stoner rock you may like this. And maybe even you Ska fans out there as well, Dr. Blitz from Mephiskapheles is in this band. My favorite song, and I think the only song I liked on this CD is the last track, "Sleeve." It's a pretty good song, but not enough for me to get into them as a whole. Some of you people may like Burn Guitars, they are definitely something different then anything else out there. But for now this CD is on the back burner for me.

Rating: 53