Cacodaemon - The Demoniac Invocation (D.U.K.E./Exh Goetie) - Back
These guys have a very old-school death metal background. Cacodaemon sounds like Morbid Angel circa-1986 when their tape demos hit the underground (only for the time, they were still a million times better). Very dark, evil and thrashy. The problem for me here is, that this sounds way too simple and has a very occult sound. This French quartet is aggressive, old school and way too damned repetitive. Sometimes, though, bands that are really better than they sound on disc are often handed the wrong producer/mixer or do it themselves... whence, the recording is terrible. Not to mention, there is too much emphasis on concepts that have thus been written ten to hundred-fold times six with more balls found at a golf course. You get my sarcasm? Too bad, if not. BORING!

Rating: 25

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell