Cadaveria - The Shadows’ Madame (Triple Silence Limited) - Back
Cadaveria should sound familiar to you, but maybe not as much as a band name. Cadaveria, the vocalist, formed the band Cadaveria after she left one of Italy’s more well-known metal bands. You may know her as the former vocalist of Opera IX. Joining her in the band is a couple people that have worked together in Necrodeath. Former Necrodeath singer Marçelo Santos (aka Felgias) takes up the drums for this release and Killer Bob (aka John in Necrodeath) plays bass, and guitarist Frank Booth and keyboardist Baron Harkonnen finish up the line-up. Originally this was released on Scarlet Records in Italy, but with this new addition there is a video for the track “Spell” as well. There are varying types of possible influence on the band’s sound. Death, black, doom, gothic, 80’s metal and possibly even traits from nu metal, all could have their parts in the creation of Cadaveria’s music. These include rhythmic doomy riffs, powerful and malicious melodic leads, pounding death riffs, inspiring solos, etc. As you listen to the vocals you will find out that she can manipulate her voice to do an assortment of techniques. Her death/black vocals remind me of Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, very ferocious. She uses a yelling vocal and a gothic vocal too, but they are kinda standard even if they do carry some power. Putting the album together as artistical producer and engineer was their bassist Killer Bob. He did a good enough job not to complain about anything with it, that’s usually a good sign. Every track is at least decent on the seven songs thirty-eight minutes plus. “The Shadows’ Madame” is available once again for you…now through Triple Silence Limited!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins